Re: “They Deserved Each Other: Why I hate Toradora”

I recently read the “The Chromatic Aberration Everywhere’s” blog “They Deserved Each Other: Why I hate Toradora” and first I want to say that you all should read this blog post. It is an amazingly represented rant, and they also write amazing blogs in general.
I finished Toradora about a month or so ago, so please excuse me if I forget and/or leave out details.
The first thing I want to talk about is Rebecca’s (the writer of the article) problem with the characters. She describes them as seeming like “caricatures instead of characters” She talks about how Minori was “trying to hide how much cared about things” (which I guess I’ll have to agree with since I don’t remember what her problem was)
There was Ami’s double personality thing they dedicated a whole episode to (which WAS stupid), but in the sense that they put too much emphasis on something so blatantly obvious. But the thing is..  they’re high schoolers…they’re all about drama for no reason. But you also have to remember that the episode also deals with her fear of that stalker guy, the reason she transferred to a different school in the first place. Though I can’t deny that episode was a waste; there was still a conflict even though the episode was completely unnecessary.
The second thing I want to address is Ryuji being an idiot, again they’re high schoolers. They don’t know the things they do; they just do the things. When I think of Ryuji’s situation I think about how he was portrayed to be a delinquent. Ryuji isn’t very popular in the beginning, scary, not very well liked, and he obviously shows signs of insecurity. I mean come on he doesn’t play with his hair because its fun…unless he does. He most likely looks at Kushieda and says “I want to be with you, but you’re out of my league.” or maybe we could address the fact that; the dude is just plain shy. He’s shown to be shy in the anime numerous times, and who wouldn’t be shy around their crush?
She also mentions how they were set up to be a couple from the beginning… Yeah… everyone knew that was the case FROM THE BEGINNING!!! And she says “that after a series of stupid and supposedly funny events, Taiga and Ryuji are going to end up together” Cmon bro… THAT’S WHAT A ROMANTIC COMEDY IS!!! Anyone could look at this show and piece together this is a RomCom or just a comedy.
Now, this is personal bias I’m sorry, but I do not agree with the notion that Taiga is your standard  Tsundere. I have not seen much anime, but I have never seen a Tsun quite like Taiga. To me she had a lot of charm to her, she was more than your run of the mill Tsundere Loli. I love her fiery attitude, incredible strength, clumsiness, and the fact that she is cute but not there just to be cute. When I watched Toradora I kept saying to myself “These are not walking archetypes. These are people like me (though they may be exaggerated) they are real characters.”
I agree that Ryuji is an idiot and didn’t need to give Kushieda hope of being with him. But the thing about love is that you can’t help who you love, but it’s hard to let go of the person you think you love. For instance, let’s say you have a longtime crush, and someone else comes around who you happen to take an interest in as well. You may still have a crush on the first person, but your starting to realize you are developing feelings for this other person. You may try to deny you are falling out of love with your pre-established crush. I believe it was more of he was still holding on to his fading feelings but I guess he didn’t notice he was starting to like Taiga (which I think is dumb because, how do you not know you like someone?)
The article talks about how Taiga was wrong for not backing off of Ryuji even though Minori (Kushieda) liked him first. Was it ever established that Minori ever told Taiga she liked Ryuji? I’m going off of my blurry memory of the show so I can’t say for sure.
I have to give it her when she talks about how melodramatic Yusaku(Kitamura) was being. Alright, you got rejected, bro…. no reason to act like a punk and bleach your hair. I know I’m stretching here but when I looked at his hair compared to when it was bleached and when it was natural, I don’t think it mattered. Like dude, your hair is already pretty much dark green (I may be color blind). They say his hair is supposed to be black but it looks green to me, green is not a natural hair color. I don’t know what kind of dress code this school has, but they need to change it because most of the characters don’t look like they have natural hair colors at all.
I think the part that made me want to write about this post the most because it infuriated me so much was the last part. She goes on to say that  Ryuji and Taiga’s parents don’t really care about them at all. In Taiga’s case, I can agree with that, her dad was a jerky dude with ulterior motives, when Taiga was going to her mother’s wishes she just kind of left. That does not excuse the fact that she believes Yasuko didn’t really care about Ryuji. If you can remember there was a line where Ryuji is talking about how he wasn’t the one “who dropped out of school” or something like that. Think about Yasuko very quick, she can’t cook, she’s lazy, is a total air head (implying she may not have been very good at school). You couple all those facts together and you get a pretty useless adult. The connotation this last paragraph gave to me was that Rebecca thinks Yasuko is doing this because she wants to. That was the impression I got, and that’s why I’m so mad. Do you think a famous corporation or any high paying job is going to hire someone like Yasuko? Tink ’bout it fo’ a Lil’ bit. She could have worked at a convenience store or some other stupidly mundane job, but do think that going to pay the bills, accommodate two people, and potentially pay for Ryuji’s college schooling? They already live in a crappy apartment in the first place, so the idea that obviously her current job is paying well doesn’t seem to change the way she looks at things. Yasuko doesn’t even look like she cares about the type of work she does. She works mostly throughout the night which is why she is asleep and tired during the day; when they were running into money issues and Ryuji offered to get a job Yasuko told him not to do it and got another job. I know this is just ann anime, these are just characters, it’s not real but I don’t think it’s fair to say that Takemiya Yuyuko did not do a good job in portraying Yasuko as a good mom. I’m willing to say she may be one of the best characters in this show. She has her flaws and quirks, but I don’t think it is fair to judge her like that.
I’m sorry if I seemed fired up in that last part, but these are just some of the things that were bothering me about this post. Again if you haven’t read I left the link, it’s a good rant and this blog is definitely amazing so please check them out.
That’s all I have to say about this subject matter, but I do want to say that from now on I’m going try to post weekly blogs somewhat like this. I don’t consider myself a reviewer, but I’ll be giving my thoughts on the anime I’ve watched every once in a blue moon. I’m not good with analytics and what not so if I ever do a review it’s just going to go over what I liked and didn’t like about a show, it’s re-watchability,, whether I would recommend it, and my score of the show. (I’m not good with scores so I’ll have to figure out criteria.)
Thank you for reading this blog, but I’m out this jawn.

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